PHANTOMS – COCAINE (Electro/SynthPop – US)

Los Angeles duo Phantoms have drawn comparisons to Disclosure and Odesza for their glossy, funk-infused brand of electro pop, but they find the resemblance somewhat skin deep. Kyle Kaplan and Vinnie Pergola tread edgier territory on their cover of Eric Clapton’s classic “Cocaine”, whose dark synth and pulsating throb take the listeners to the depths of the underground.

The duo explains: “We’ve wanted to do a cover of an older song for a while. Nothing was really coming to us until last Friday when we were a few drinks deep and ended up at a Thai karaoke restaurant at 3AM. This young Thai man was doing an electric guitar cover of “Cocaine” by Eric Clapton, but he wasn’t singing, so we jumped on stage and sang along with him. It must have been in the haze of vodka and pad kee mao that we decided we should cover it as well.”

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