PINES – WHAT YOU NEED (Electronica/Balearic – Australia)

Adelaide electronic pair PINES topped the Hype Machine chart twice in recent months, they received hearty acknowledgement from Billboard following their debut US show at SxSW in 2018 and, more broadly, increased their very dedicated following tenfold.

The duo’s single ‘What You Need’, released last July, ups things a notch with a moody dance track that’s simultaneously infectious and uplifting. Collaborating with Birmingham songwriter and vocalist Tailor, the PINES’ signature production wizardry retains the spotlight and is just a hint of what’s to come, with their debut album scheduled for release before the end of the year.

About the track, the pair say: “We’re super proud of this track and it has been a joy to make from start to finish.  The instrumental had a real vibe about it from the outset and once we got together with Tailor and put his vocals to the music we really felt that we had something special on our hands.”

Fore more info and music find PINES on Facebook and SoundCloud.

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