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Nigerian Born, London Based artist Vicktor Taiwo is a former photographer now turned singer songwriter. His music is a nuanced and eclectic mix of R&B, Hip Hop and electronica that inspires reflection and self-exploration.

“Digital Kids” is taken off Taiwò’s debut EP JUNO (Vestibule House, 2015), which garnered millions of plays and international recognition. This heartbreaking minimal ode to lost innocence was produced by Felix Joseph, and features an exquisite rap/spoken word section at the end courtesy of South East London rapper Jesse James Solomon.

About the song,  Taiwò explains: “Before, children had time to think that the world was beautiful, and I think that should be virulently protected. But now, you know what’s wrong with the world from such a young age. You have no time to be a child; you have no time to appreciate how beautiful this world is, and it is beautiful.”

Listen to Vicktor Taiwò’s music on SoundCloud and follow him on Instagram. Buy on Bandcamp.

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