VICTOR BERMON – ARRIVING AT NIGHT (Electronica/Jazz – Australia)

After Telefon Tel Aviv or Radicalfashion, here is a new addition to Hefty Records’ roster of minimalist experimental electronica: Victor Bermon, a very talented musician from the land down under. This Australian electronic composer  released his debut album, Arriving at Night, over two years ago but it never really got the attention it deserves. In the vein of Prefuse 73, Benoît Pioulard and Four Tet, Bermon’s jazz-infused instrumental beats pervade the 13 tracks of his engrossing first LP and offer a perfect soundtrack for a nice rainy evening at home with a good bottle of wine.

Victor Bermon packs each track with simple melodic motifs that all find their position in his precise architecture. Never does one single note burst in to dominate the mix…

Victor Bermon - View Of The Islands     

Standing somewhere between ambient electronic music and instrumental hip-hop, Arriving At Night sustains the listener’s interest through every song. Bermon conducts his listeners gently and humbly, and it’s this humilty, mixed with the artist’s expressiveness, that gives a result as eloquent as any good work of art.

Find out more on MySpace or on Hefty Records’ website. Buy the album on Victor Bermon

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