ZIVERT – СИЯЙ EP (Synth/Electro – Russia)

Yulia Dmitrievna Zivert, better known by her stage name Zivert, is a Russian singer songwriter, whose first foray into electropop territory was the single “Чак”, closely followed by “Анестезия”, both in 2017. A year later, Zivert presented her first first mini album, Сияй EP (Shine), consisting of four tracks mixing contemporary electro, glittering synths and funky beats. Released by Russian powerhouse label First Music Publishing House, the EP was immensely popular and songs such as ‘Ещё хочу’ (‘I Want More’) have amassed as many as 100M plays on YouTube.

2019 saw the release of dance floor oriented track ‘Life’, which helped the young artist gain more traction internationally. Originally recorded both in Russian and English, the hit single was then given a video release and eventually re-recorded as a duet with multi-platinum selling Russian pop legend Philipp Kirkorov. What’s next for Zivert, only time will tell…

Connect with Zivert on Instagram or Vkontakte and listen to more tracks on SoundCloud.

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