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When Bomb the Bass released Future Chaos in late 2008 it had been nearly a decade in the making. Now, the dust had barely settled on Tim Simenon’s synthesizers before he met up with Gui Boratto in São Paulo to draft the follow up to this amazing release. Barely a year after Future Chaos, Tim Simenon is back with a new album whose accomplished songwriting and sonic scope show the spontaneity with which it came together. The title says it all: Back To Light.

Bomb the Bass - Up The Mountain (Gui Boratto Remix)     

Back To Light is melodic, atmospheric and fresh – with the punch of classic techno sounds. The dusky atmosphere of Future Chaos has given way to a more radiant sound, buoyed by waves of synthesizers and propelled by clean-lined grooves. Raising the tempo, Simenon takes inspiration from classic techno, while vocal contributions from Richard Davis, Kelley Polar, The Battle of Land and Sea, and Paul Conboy bring Bomb the Bass into newfound melodic focus. It’s a brighter, more immediate sound than before; warmer, too, with the singers’ voices positively glowing inside intricately woven electronic nests. But there’s no lack of nuance. Every track is a delicate balance of intimate delivery and cosmic sonics, underscored by a faint sense of melancholy.

Bomb the Bass (Feat. Paul Conboy) - Boy Girl (Leo Zero Remix Dub)     

Find out more on Bomb the Bass HERE or go to their official site or MySpace. Buy the new album on Bomb the Bass

CHEW LIPS – UNICORN (ElectroPop/Indie – UK)

After releasing two acclaimed singles on hip Parisian label Kitsuné, British electro-pop trio Chew Lips finally released their highly anticipated debut album in January. Unicorn is a consistent pop album packed with catchy tunes and impeccable synth melodies. On this album, Tigs (vocals), James Watkins (bass, synths) and Will Sanderson (guitar, synths) teamed up with Bat For Lashes collaborator, David Kosten, who helped them craft ten slices of pitch-perfect stylish pop.

Chew Lips - Play Together     

Taking cues from the 80s (think KRAFTWERK), Chew Lips is part of the current wave of girl-fronted electro bands (La Roux, Robyn, Little Boots) but their strong songwriting displays more serious ambitions that you can sense on tracks such as “Too Much Talking” or “Piano Song”, revealing a much more sensitive side of the group.

If you’ve been following this blog, you will remember Chew Lips’ first single “Solo”, which was included on U R MY DISCO // vol.3 and their subsequent hit “Salt Air”, which was given the remix treatment by French electro geniuses Jupiter

Chew Lips - Salt Air (Jupiter Remix)     

Check out the video for their new single “Seven” just below and don’t forget to visit MySpace for more info, more music and tour dates. Unicorn is available now on Chew Lips


Bark Bark Disco is a band from the island of Malta and the city of Berlin. Its members, Morris, Charlotte and Antonio, created the band in August 2009, just a week before they played their debut concert with Bonnie Prince Billy, in a masonic cemetery in Valletta. Allegedly it was this gig that actually pushed the band to formation.

Bark Bark Disco - Song for the Lovers     

Their track “Song For The Lovers” is a deliciously simplistic pop song with the catchiest of hooks. This electropop sound, that they describe as bedroom pop, permeates their debut album Your Mum Says Hello (released in February 2010). You can download it for free on their website.

FOUR TET – THERE IS LOVE IN YOU (Electronica/Downtempo – UK)

The new Four Tet album There Is Love In You is now available in stores on vinyl, CD and digital download. This is Four Tet’s first new album in over four years and fifth LP to date.

Kieran Hebden, the man behind the Four Tet moniker, formed his first band, Fridge, with friends Adem Ilhan and Sam Jeffers at Elliott School (a school famous for alumni including Hot Chip and The XX). In 1999 he started working as a solo producer, releasing work under the name Four Tet. His debut album, Dialogue (Output, 1999) was released when he was just 21 and explored the outer reaches of both free jazz and soul music. Pause marked Kieran’s debut for Domino Records and immediately set Four Tet apart from the isolated and introverted tendencies of the contemporary electronica of the time. The three albums he released in quick succession, Pause (2001), Rounds (2003) and Everything Ecstatic (2005), represent a high watermark in new forms of pioneering musical creativity.

Four Tet - Plastic People     

There Is Love In You clearly shows he hasn’t lost his touch. Still experimenting with sounds and structures, Kieran offers nine tightly crafted tracks, with impeccable production. This is an album you can listen on repeat and keep finding new elements every time…

As a bonus, here’s “Ribbons”, a track taken off Four Tet’s Ringer EP (Domino, 2008).

Four Tet - Ribbons     

Don’t forget to check out the official site for tour dates and show Four Tet some love on MySpace. To download the new album, head over to Four Tet

TESLA BOY – THE TESLA BOY EP (New Wave/SynthPop – Russia)

Russian trio Tesla Boy are a 80s-esque new wave / synthpop band formed in 2008 in Moscow.  Often compared to Cut/Copy and other electro bands, they are the first Russian act to get real media  attention since t.A.T.u. But the comparison stops there. Anton Sevidov (vocals, keys), Dima Midborn (bass, vocals) and Boris Lifshits (drums) are three dedicated musicians with a mind of their own and a knack for good pop and powerful hooks.

Tesla Boy - Electric Lady     

“Electric Lady” is taken off Tesla Boy’s first self-titled EP, released in September 2009 on Mullet Records. In their EP, the boys show how well they know their classics (think 80’s synth sounds) and offer us a good collection of delightfully retro tracks.

Tesla Boy also did a great job remixing “Nightdrive”, the track that got Anoraak flying the charts last year. Check it out!

Anoraak - Nightdrive With You (Tesla Boy Remix)     

For more info find Tesla Boy on MySpace. You can purchase their music on Tesla Boy