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Fare Soldi is a well-established DJ duo, famous for their consistently great remixes and punchy happy electro club bangers. Luka and Davide (both born in the small northern town of Udine) just keep the tracks coming and are fresh every time.

Fare Soldi - Occhio Trombino     

Fare Soldi - Tutto Tutti Sempre Subito     

Their LP, Sappiamo Dove Abiti,  is  a collection of groovy high energy tunes that are pure dancefloor material. It travels between styles and decades of music and mixes together explosive beats and implacable melodies with incredible ease. Get it on Fare Soldi

As a bonus, here’s a cool remix Fare Soldi did for Scuola Furano. Enjoy!

Scuola Furano - Pigna Colada (Fare Soldi Shake Your Burek Remix)     

Find out more about Fare Soldi on MySpace. Buy Sappiamo Dove Abbiti on Fare Soldi

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