Kito Jempere is one of the few stage names of Kirill Sergeev, a musician, DJ, and producer, almost known for his work with Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club. In 2014, Kito released his debut solo album “Objects” on his own record label Fata Morgana and he gained wider recognition in Russia after participating in an experimental concert of live electronic music on the new stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre in 2015.

For Kito Jempere, music has always been a way of capturing and enhancing any moment of life. Although at times imperfect and flawed, his music is a reflection of his identity which is dedicated to freedom and being sincere. Throughout his career, he has released music on many major record labels including DFA, Bordello A Parigi, Freerange Records, Room With A View. His tracks have been remixed by artists such as Palms Trax, Jimi Tenor, Bell Towers, Ewan Pearson, Ruf Dug, and many others.

The single “Let’s Hold Our Hands Together” was released in November 2022 via System 108, together with remixes by Eden Burns and Lipelis. You can find it on your favourite streaming platform or buy it on Bandcamp.

For more info, check out Kito Tempere’s official site or Facebook. Stream his music on SoundCloud.

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