NAJWA – REMIXES (Electronica/Alternative – Spain)

Spanish actress-turned-singer Najwa Nimri made her solo debut ten years ago with the critically-acclaimed LP Carefully. Written entirely in English, the album bore the imprint of her previous collaboration with Madrid based producer Carlos Jean, with whom she released an album and two soundtracks.

After this first efftort, Najwa worked with different artists and producers (Raúl Santos, Eduardo Molinero, Wagon Cookin’) and explored different ways of making music. She somehow managed to find her own sound, highly personal and quite unique in the Spanish music industry. The results of Najwa’s artistic musings you can hear in her subsequent albums: Mayday (2003) and Walkabout (2006).

Najwa - Following Dolphins (Dolphins Classic House Remix)     

Najwa - Hey Boys     

Finally, in 2010, Najwa released El Último Primate, her first Spanish-language album and also a drastic change musically. Indeed, it left behind electronic sounds and showcased a radically different sonic landscape, more intimate and organic than ever before.

Najwa Nimri - Como Un Animal (KINZOisHERE Remix)     

It’s been a busy ten years for Najwa: four solo LPs, a few brilliant collaborations, numerous gigs and some superb remixes! Listen to our selection and tell us what you think…

Check out Najwa’s official website for more info and buy her music on Najwa

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