RETRO STEFSON – QWEEN (Indie/Pop – Iceland)

Reykjavik’s indie pop collective Retro Stefson was born out of the ashes of an ill-fated rap group started by lead singer Unnstein Stefansson. The six members (who happen to be former schoolmates) gradually moved to a more pop-oriented sound, while also taking inspiration from world music. Now a fully-fledged band, Retro Stefson have released 2 albums, a handful of EPs and they recently shared a brand new song, “Qween”, the first single off their forthcoming third LP.

Retro Stefson mix rock influences, low slung bass lines, funk guitars, electronic beats and African elements to create a fresh and enticing sound. But the young combo also like to share their colourful music palette with other a artists. In the past, they have remixed songs for fellow Icelanders FM Belfast, who returned the favour on “Senseni”.

FM Belfast - Frequency (Retro Stefson Remix)     
Retro Stefson - Senseni (FM Belfast Remix)     

Find out more on Retro Stefson on Facebook or check out their official site.

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