AGNES – XX (Electro/Pop – Sweden)

Swedish pop star Agnes (born Agnes Emilia Carlsson) rose to fame in Sweden in the mid-noughties and released three hugely popular albums, AgnesStrongerDance Love Pop, and a more experimental record, Veritas. After taking an extended break (7 years!), Agnes returned to the scene in 2019 with the EP Nothing Can Compare, followed in 2020 by a number of new songs including the 60s-inspired ‘Goodlife’, discolicious ‘Fingers Crossed’ and dance floor friendly ’24 Hours’.

Now Agnes is back with her first studio album in nine years, Magic Still Exists, released on October 22nd via Universal Sweden. The album features the aforementioned ‘Fingers Crossed’ and ’24 Hours’, as well as recent single ‘Here Comes the Night’ and a few more vibrant tunes the effortlessly combine sparkly disco, flurries of over-the-top pop and modern beats. It is a true testament to Agnes’s singular style and vocal prowess.

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