ARY + EMILIE NICOLAS – HURT YOU (Pop/Electronica – Norway)

Oslo-based pop powerhouse Emilie Nicolas and fellow Norwegian synthpop wunderkind Ary join forces on ‘Hurt You’, a brilliant piece of slightly dark electronica with an implacable hook and gorgeous vocals. Written, recorded and produced by Ary, this track was born after Ary shared a teaser of a new demo on Instagram and the two artists started chatting and tossing a few ideas around, quickly deciding to work together on what would soon become ‘Hurt You’.

The song is a polished, nicely crafted pop number, which develops from an initially calm and delicate soundscape, into an energetic, yet nostalgic, dance track. It showcases Ary and Emilie‘s voices and gives them space to embrace the melody, complementing each other perfectly.

Connect with Ary on Facebook and SoundCloud. Find Emilie Nicolas on her official siteFacebook or SoundCloud.

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