BATTLES – MIRRORED (Experimental Rock – US)

American experimental rock band Battles was formed in New York City in 2002 by John Stanier (drums), Ian Williams (guitar/keys), Dave Konopka (guitar) and Tyondai Braxton (guitar/keys/vox). After releasing a string of EPs between 2004 and 2006, the band released their first album, Mirrored, in 2007 to widespread critical acclaim.

Battles - Leyendecker     

Battles mixes avant-garde, rock and pop to come up with a  sound that breaks new ground in modern music and sounds like some kind of futuristic rock. Alternatively soothing, unnerving or confusing, Mirrored will probably be considered a milestone in alternative rock a few years down the line.

Battles - Tonto     

For more info about the band, go to Wrap’s website or see the band’s MySpace. Buy their music on Battles

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