FLOWERS AND SEA CREATURES – TEST PRESSING (Alternative/Electronica – Canada)

Flowers and Sea Creatures

Canadian duo Flowers and Sea Creatures is the newest addition to Buzzin’ Fly’s roster of  cutting-edge electronica artists. The UK-based imprint, which is managed by Ben Watt (also behind Strange Feeling Records), recently released the band’s debut: the Test Pressing EP. According to Ben Watt, Graham Baxter (lead vocals) and Kosta Megalos (programming) sound “Like Kraftwerk collaborating with Crosby, Stills and Nash.”

Flowers and Sea Creatures - At Night     

Showcasing four tracks (three originals and one remix), Test Pressing EP is a nice introduction to the wistful and almost eerie world of Flowers and Sea Creatures. Baxter’s compelling vocals and stacked harmonies ride over partner Kosta Megalos’s fuzzy autumnal chords. The crisp future-disco beats come courtesy of the EP’s co-producers The Revenge (on “At Night”) and Ewan Pearson (brilliant as ever on “International”). The result, when added to the duo’s own self-produced closing cut “Sonic”, is a gorgeous atmospheric electronic pop debut that leaves you craving for more.

Flowers and Sea Creatures – International

Check out the band’s page on MySpace to listen to the EP and buy one of the 500 copies of the limited edition 12″ vinyl directly from Buzzin’ Fly. You can of course get the digital EP on Beatport or Flowers

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