JÓNSI & ALEX – RICEBOY SLEEPS (Ambient – Iceland)

Jónsi & Alex is the new joint project of Jónsi Birgisson (better known for his work as part of Icelandic ambient electronica outfit Sigur Rós) and his partner Alex Somers.

This fruitful artistic collaboration began as a Sigur Rós side project around 2003 under the name Riceboy Sleeps.In November 2006, they released their first picture book with the same title. The following year a second edition went to press and the pair held a series of art exhibitions in Reykjavík, Arkansas and Melbourne to promote the book.

Jónsi & Alex are now releasing their debut album, Riceboy Sleeps, a moving work that takes the listener to otherworldly musical landscapes.

For more info, check out the boys’ official website or Facebook. Stream the whole album here.

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