KYSON – CLEAR AIR (Electronica – Australia/Germany)

Kyson is the musical project of producer/singer Jian Kellett Liew, a young Australia-born Berlin-based artist who creates abstract electro-folk songs featuring hypnotising melodies you will want to sink into and play on repeat to appreciate every detail.

New single “Clear Air” is a beautiful, finely textured production that hinges on the nuances of Jian’s deft yet vulnerable vocals. It’s an endlessly intriguing track, where the apparent calmness of the verses is punctuated by glimmering flourishes to add a layer of dramatic tension to the composition.

Kyson explains: “A lot of the songs I was writing at the time, I was just starting on acoustic guitar. In the end, this song kind of naturally formed into a more spacious electronic piece. I wanted the vocals to have a conversation with the reverb so to speak, and it ended up feeling quite ghostly.”

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