Swedish electropop wunderkind Oliver Nelson has proved to be more than a one hit wonder and his hugely popular productions have already amassed over 250 million streams across different platforms while reaching #1 on Hype Machine 10 times over. Eager to please his fans, he has now teamed up with fellow Swede Tobtok and UK-based vocalist Sorana to release the addictive “Jealous”.

Tobtok is a young musician, producer and DJ from Uppsala, Sweden. At only 25 years old, he has already perfected the art of mixing nu disco, house and electro in his expertly produced tracks. On “Jealous”, Tobtok and Oliver Nelson’s sun-kissed synths, bouncy bass line and poppy arrangements meet Sorana’s sweet and playful vocals to create the perfect end of summer tune.

Follow Oliver Nelson on Facebook and listen to his music on SoundCloud. More on Tobtok via Facebook or SoundCloud. Buy “Jealous” on

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