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Nnamdi Ogbonnaya (aka NNAMDÏ) is an American multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter based in Chicago. Born in California to Nigerian immigrants, Ogbonnaya spent most of his childhood in Lansing and studied at the University of Illinois at Chicago. His first forays in music came with the release of Bootie Noir in 2013 and Feckin Weirdo in 2014. His 2017 album Drool showcased NNAMDÏ’s wide-ranging talent, incorporating freeform jazz, underground hip-hop, warped electronica, and much more. 

Released on Secretly Canadian in 2022, Please Have A Seat is the result of a much-needed pause. Finally slowing down and welcoming a creative and emotional reset led to one of his most compelling efforts yet. All fourteen songs, which NNAMDÏ wrote, produced, and performed entirely himself, are relentlessly replayable, careening into unexpected and disorienting places.

Check out NNAMDÏ’s Facebook/Instagram for more info and listen to all his music on SoundCloud.

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