OSCAR & THE WOLF – AFTERGLOW (Alt/Pop – Belgium)

Oscar and The Wolf (aka Max Colombie) released his third studio album, The Shimmer, in October 2021, only half a year ago, but he already has some new material to share, in the form of a 5-track EP, Alfterglow, which hit the stores on June 10 2022.

“Afterglow is a collection of personal songs that kept on simmering in my head after finishing The Shimmer”, Max Colombie explains, “They’re a bit rougher and closer to the heart than songs I’d usually share. In that sense the EP holds an element of voyeurism, like giving a stranger the passcode to my phone.”

‘Dancing Machine’ is the first single taken from the Afterglow EP and it’s one of the band’s most infectious pop tunes so far. Setting sunsoaked upbeat synths to his trademark melancholic undertones. Classic Oscar and the Wolf, which Colombie describes as being “about locking eyes with that person as they dance freely in the night and grab the attention of everyone around them as they spread their infectious light on their surroundings.”

For more info go to the official site or Facebook. Download more music on Bandcamp or SoundCloud.

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