PNAU Ft. LADYHAWKE – RIVER (Dance/House – Australia)

It’s been twelve years since Australian dance legends Pnau and New Zealand singer songwriter Ladyhawke teamed up for the career-making ‘Embrace’. Taken off Pnau’s 2007 self-titled third studio album, that groundbreaking and timeless tune was co-written and featured uncredited vocals by soon-to-become one of NZ’s most respected pop artists Ladyhawke, and it became a rallying cry and ubiquitous party song for the rest of the 00’s.

After all these years, Pnau approached Ladyhawke again to try something new and the result is the immediately catchy and hard-hitting ‘River’, without a doubt one of the brightest songs of 2020. Released on Dec 11th via etcetc music, this escapist and uplifting dance anthem combines Pnau’s signature synth flourishes and infectious bass line with Ladyhawke’s emotive cries of the song’s title and generally impressive delivery.

“‘River’ came about when Ladyhawke came back into the PNAU fold,” explains PNAU’s Nick Littlemore. “It seems every time we’ve collaborated with her it’s been incendiary. We met a long while ago; within moments of meeting it was clear we had a deep connection. Ladyhawke has a remarkable voice and her creativity is second to none. It’s her humour and humility, her ability to cut through to the listener, that makes you feel like you are experiencing something for the very first time. This tune is a combination of Ladyhawke’s brilliance and the inspiring work of Sam and Peter. I really believe this song is the living proof of magic; all the elements coming together just right. I hope with all sincerity that you experience the joy we did in making it.”

Ladyhawke adds, “I’ve always had a unique connection with Nick Littlemore so I knew whatever we made would be special. I remember standing in Nick’s LA home studio screaming into a microphone being egged on by him yelling “Louder!!!!” so I could get the “Riveerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” just right! I love this track and am very excited to be involved.”

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