POMPEYA – FOURSOME (Indie/Pop/Rock – Russia)

Barely a year after their dazzling debut album Tropical, Moscow-based indie outfit Pompeya is already back with a gorgeous new record. Featuring seven brand new tracks, the album is appropriately titled Foursome and it is currently available as a free download through the band’s SoundCloud.

Pompeya - Pitsunda (Пицунда)     

Foursome was entirely recorded and produced over the course of one month in Los Angeles at Bedrock studios (previously patronized by the likes of Beck, Yeasayer and The Black Keys) and this change of scenery seems to have had a strong impact on Pompeya’s sound. During the recording process the band soaked up a lot of different influences and distilled them through their new compositions, which sound more mature and assured than ever.

Pompeya - Wait     

Find out more on Pompeya’s official site or follow them on Facebook for up-to-the-minute updates. Buy on

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