Ukrainian synthpop duo Время и Стекло (Vremya i Steklo) announced a few months ago that they would put an end to their joint music project this year, after ten years (!!) churning out pop gems and dance floor friendly hits (‘Имя 505’, ‘Back2Leto’‘Песня 404’‘Навернопотомучто’).

To mark the end of their amazingly successful collaboration, Aleksey Zavgorodniy (aka Pozitiv) and Nadya Dorofeeva have shared a smooth, if slightly emotional, new song titled ‘Навсегда/Никогда’ (Forever/Never) and an accompanying video, dubbed ‘Время истекло’, which is a pun on the band’s name and fittingly means ‘Time has run out’.

Released in March 2020, this new track moves at a slower pace than the duo’s previous singles and it features funky guitars, summery beats, Dorofeeva’s enchanting performance and Pozitiv’s customary rap vocals.

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