PARCELS – CLOCKSCARED EP (Indie/Funk – Australia)

Hailing from Byron Bay, Australia, Parcels are a young band, who play a unique form of live electronic disco-funk. Louie Swain, Patrick Hetherington, Noah Hill, Anatole Serret, and Jules Crommelin have been involved in a host of musical projects in the past ranging from folk pop to groove metal and psych rock. The span of their musical influence is diverse: 80’s funk, 90’s hip-hop and current electronica with elements of classical music and jazz also thrown into the mix. Their debut single “Herefore” displays a hip-hop influenced pop sound with an electronic twist. Listen below!

Parcels - Herefore     

After months of relentless production Parcels finally released their debut EP Clockscared last March. Recorded in bedrooms, lounge rooms and garage studios, this Extended Play is a first taste of Parcels’ rich sound. Despite a multitude of synths and programmed elements, it retains a live, real tone with the presence of room recorded guitars, vocals and ambient layers.

Listen to more music on SoundCloud or check out the band’s Facebook. Buy the EP on

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