FLUME – SLEEPLESS (Electronica/IDM – Australia)


Sydney-based electronica one-man band Flume is the new side-project of Harley Streten, a very talented producer and beat maker who is only 19 (!) years of age. Flume created some buzz with his brilliant take on “Sleepless” by Antony For Cleopatra. Transforming the vocals and speeding things up a bit, Flume has no trouble turning this song into a super catchy electropop anthem.

Flume - Sleepless (Feat. Antony For Cleopatra)     

“Sleepless” serves as the title track from Flume’s debut EP which came out on August 1st on Future Classic (also home to Jeremy Glenn and Flight Facilities). The EP has enough lush pads, chopped and chipmunked vocals, saw synths and danceable electronic beats to impress any fan of Hudson Mohawke, Flying Lotus, Seekae or Space Dimension Controller.

The young Australian’s arrangements are consistent throughout the record but not one bit repetitive. Streten essentially uses the same handful of beats and synthetic sounds and he does it with such ease and mastery that it all the pieces seems to fall right into place. As a little extra, check out Flume’s classy remix of French electro wizard Onra’s song “The Anthem”.

Onra - The Anthem (Flume Remix)     

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