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POSTTOD – MOON (Chillwave-SynthPop – Sweden)


Kevin Mortensen and Hayk Ananyan are Posttod, a Swedish synthpop duo who debuted in 2010 with the single “Dead in the Universe”. Fast forward to December 2011 and Posttod are ready to introduce their debut EP Moon. Self-produced and self-released, the EP is available as a free download on Posttod’s site.

Posttod - No More Time     

The duo’s ethereal synths and cut-up beats are perfectly combined to create a soothing mix of chillwave and synthpop that will keep your soul warm through the winter. In just under 30 minutes, Moon manages to span different genres and define the scope of Posttod’s sound, uncovering new shades and textures with every listen.

Posttod - Away     

If you want to keep tabs on this promising band, you can follow them on Facebook and don’t forget to visit their official site to stream and download their debut EP. Buy it on

ERIK OMEN – PAYPHONE (SynthPop/Chillwave – Australia)

Erik Omen

Erik Omen (formerly Erik Omen In Atlantis) is the brainchild of Sydney natives Jeremy Hansen and Greg Mullins. Mining their vault of classic 60s and 70s slow jams, the two musicians seamlessly blend 1960s Californian surf culture, sprawling 1970s guitars and cosmic visions of the future.

For their sophomore release on Midnight Juggernauts imprint Siberia Records, Erik Omen have teamed up with Bridezilla’s Holiday Sidewinder who provides haunting vocals on the entrancingly smooth jam “Payphone”. The new limited-edition 12″ also includes the original track “Grade E” (previously cassette only) and blissed-out reworkings by Turkish Prison, Forces, Bell Towers, Cosmonaut and Tortoiseshell.

Erik Omen - Grade E     

For more info, check out Erik Omen’s Facebook and buy the music on BandCamp.

TEEN DAZE – WET HAIR (Chillwave – Canada)

Teen Daze

Vancouver-based musician Teen Daze shares a chillwave cover of Japandroids’ “Wet Hair”, taken off the band’s 2009 album Post Nothing. This cover keeps the energy of the original and adds layers of dreamy arrangements to create a real piece of synthpop perfection.

Teen Daze - Wet Hair (Japandroids Cover)     

If you like what you hear, listen to more music by Teen Daze here and here. Don’t forget to check out his official site and Bandcamp for more releases and news. Buy the music on

CASA DEL MIRTO – THE NATURE (Synth/Chillwave – Italy)

Casa del Mirto

Casa del Mirto is an Italian chillwave outfit spearheaded by Marco Ricci, who is joined on stage by Luigi Segnana on bass and Mirko Marconi on guitar. Active since 2006, CdM started out as more of a dance music project, heavily influenced by 90s house and other dancefloor-friendly genres, as you can hear on their first two albums, Supertrendycoolfashion and Numero Uno. Fast forward to 2011, the name remains but pretty much everything else has changed.

Casa del Mirto - The Sun     

Casa del Mirto is now synonym with intimate atmospheres and lush chillwave arrangements. On their last album, The Nature, released last September via Mashhh! Records, you will find a great mix of saturated synths, deep beats and echoed vocals, somehow reminiscent of Toro Y Moi or Washed Out.

Casa del Mirto - The Haste     

Bonus track:

Class Actress - Weekend (Casa Del Mirto Remix)     

For more info, find Casa del Mirto on Facebook or MySpace. Buy the music on BandCamp and on

THE PAPERS – REMIXES (Indie/Electronica – Russia)

Hailing from the cold Russian city of Ekaterinburg, The Papers are two young musicians/producers with a passion for chillwave, vintage synths and 80s electro sounds. Ever since bursting onto the scene with their remix of underground hit “90 (Memories of You)” by indie outfit Pompeya, The Papers have earned accolades for their flawless productions and hot DJ sets.

As an introduction to their music here is a track called “Tari Kalianji”. It features Bollywood-flavoured loops and samples and it clearly shows that the duo is equally comfortable with Funky grooves as with retro synthpop.

The Papers - Tari Kalianji     

The Papers have an amazing ability to produce excellent remixes for other artists, but their productions are actually complete reinterpretations of the originals. Their rework of Sansara’s song “Goroda” stretches the original to almost six and a half minutes and turns the whole thing into a spaced out atmospheric affair.

Sansara - Goroda (The Papers Rework)     

For Ekaterinburg five-piece On-The-Go, they sped up the tempo just a notch, recorded new guitar and piano parts and added a touch of tambourine. And the result is… well, I guess you will just have to listen to it and judge for yourself.

On-The-Go - The Day You've Been Waiting For (The Papers & Karaman Remix)     

If you want to listen to other material by The Papers, check out their page on SoundCloud.